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Account + Project Manager

Shane is a born Project Manager and efficiency junkie. Rumor has it, he emerged into the world with a clipboard in hand and a few helpful suggestions for improving the delivery room process. He was also born a Gemini and his personality embodies that sign’s dualistic character: highly organized but also creative and communicative.

After studying journalism, he spent 15 years developing his marketing, communications, organizational, and client service skills through a diverse career that included stints proofing children’s textbooks, overseeing production of adventure travel catalogs, and managing a floral design studio. He thrives in creative environments and is usually the person figuring out the most effective and logical pathways to get things done.

That’s exactly his role at MD + CO. As a Project Manager, he assists his colleagues in keeping the myriad small parts of every project moving forward while keeping his eye on the company’s larger goals. As an Account Manager, he is the go-to for clients when they need assistance or guidance, questions answered or roadblocks cleared.

Shane believes there’s no problem that can’t be solved or a process that can’t be improved. When he arrived at MD + CO, the first thing he saw was a large poster with the quote: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven’t.” He knew he was home.

Outside of work, Shane enjoys boxing, biking, baking, good movies, and bad reality TV.

MD + Co

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