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Each potential patient has value. When the phone rings, the practice has already spent an average of $150 for that call. However, 50% of leads are lost on the phone. We will track and review your office calls and identify any communication errors that might cost you new patients. In addition, we offer phone training services that teach your staff how to properly handle phone calls from potential patients, so you can keep leads that you otherwise would have missed.

Tracking – Through call tracking, we can identify exactly where phone leads are coming from. We can make recommendations based on how closely your phone leads align with your target demographic.

Recording & Analysis – We will closely review audio recordings of your phone calls so we can see what may be going wrong with your staff-patient interactions. Based on what we discover, we can offer a comprehensive set of solutions that will allow you to better communicate with potential patients and ultimately turn phone leads into new patients with a high rate of success.

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