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Every business has a unique story to tell. Our branding initiatives allow for each client to effectively communicate their individual identity to current and potential patients. While many healthcare practices offer the same services, what separates individual dentists is the feel of the brand. We go through a series of steps in order to determine what your brand is and how best to represent it to the world.

Determining the Brand – We sit down and interview the doctors and staff in order to determine why they do what they do. We also get a feel of the office in order to better understand the brand and how to represent it. Through the impressions we get of the practice during the interviews and visits we can understand the essence of the brand.

Mission Statement – Our expert copywriters distill all of the information collected through interviews and other brand impressions into a well-crafted mission statement or manifesto. The mission statement not only represents the practice’s brand, but also lets current and potential dental patients form a better connection with the practice. This manifesto can then be used in advertisements, the “About Us” page on your site, and all internal processes aimed at increasing the cohesiveness and unity of your team.

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