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Google Takes Over the World

Before the advent of the digital age, the Yellow Pages was an indispensable tool for finding local service providers. The dawn of digital directories spelled doom for the local paper directories, however. When digital directories turned into search engines, the Yellow Pages became obsolete. Now, a simple search can yield highly relevant, local results and highly useful information, such as ratings and reviews.

The search engine has replaced the Yellow Pages in the task of helping people find local business and services. In the past, you would never have considered not having a listing in the Yellow Pages. Now you cannot consider not having a listing on Google. The listings on Google are not as simple as the listings in Yellow Pages, however. But what they lack in simplicity they make up for with increased opportunity in efficient budget allocation and conversion rate. With a digital listing you can easily tell on which search terms your ads have an impact and where they don’t. This allows you to allocate the budget only to ad placements that are profitable. Contrast this with print advertising, where part of the money is wasted, but you don’t know what part. With Google AdWords, not only will you easily discover what part of the budget is wasted, but you will never waste much to begin with. Google lets you choose what search terms your ads show up for and which geographic area your ads show up in. Additionally, Google lets you select the date or time of day your ads show up, allowing you to avoid days or times when you are unable to answer the phone. Google also lets you show different ads to people, based on the search term they use, allowing you to create extremely relevant ads. These features will easily cut out large amounts of irrelevant or unprofitable searches or clicks.

Additionally, Google ranks based on quality and relevance, giving the best business an edge. The increase in relevance of the ads leads to higher conversion rates and less time on the phone. Once a visitor lands on a relevant and informative page, they can collect much of the information they would have had to call for a decade ago. It is imperative that you are found where people search. Contact us for help in setting up Adwords for your practice.

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