Highly driven to communicate visually, Andy has always been meticulous about detail, whether he is creating graphics or styling his hair and outfit. He believes that every element in a piece of work should serve a purpose, no matter how big or small. Andy is excited to work with MD + CO to enhance his skills in visual branding, marketing, and developing/building onto respective clients’ unique aesthetics.

Andy is currently completing his senior year at Emerson College, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and double minors in Marketing Communications and Leadership Management. Self-taught in design software at a young age, his skills continue to grow with every experience that comes his way. After working with Emerson’s in-house, student-run marketing agency, he has since immersed himself in graphic design in a professional setting.

When he’s not busy designing, Andy can be found writing music or singing with his college a cappella group around Boston. He also enjoys traveling and being physically active (that is, if he’s not lounging around and binge-watching Netflix).

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