ConforMIS’s philosophy is that a knee replacement should improve a patient’s overall quality of life. ConforMIS does what no other knee implant manufacturer does, they design and manufacture customized knee implants, shaped to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. No one patient is the same, so why should their knee implant be? Because of their 3D printing techniques, off-the-shelf implants are becoming thing of the past. With ConforMIS customized implants patients are left with a quicker recovery time and a natural-feeling knee.

ConforMIS wanted a website it could give to its orthopedic surgeon clients to aid them in marketing the ConforMIS implants. Knee replacement isn’t a minor operation, so ConforMIS wanted the website to feel approachable, friendly, and immediately establish a relationship between the patient, their doctor, and their new knee. The resulting website is exquisite. With a straightforward design, integrated informational videos, and patient resources such as an FAQ page, the patient is put at ease. The website was made to be personalized, precise, and intuitive just like the knee implant ConforMIS offers.

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