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Just as a car runs on gasoline, Auburn Dental Group runs on one thing – relationships. It’s obvious the first time that a patient interacts with one of the practice’s skilled dental professionals. Some dentists are secure enough in their know-how to practice by rote – x-ray, treatment options, repeat. This practice is different. There is a genuine caring inherent in everything they do. Patients are met with kindness, concern, and professionals who are actively listening to the histories relayed to them. Each patient is a singular, and no two mouths are alike. To know a patient is an incredibly important component of outstanding dental care.

So “people” was our theme when it came to branding. The smiling face of Dr. Michel Damerji, DDS warmly interacting with a patient greets the world on the front page. As one scrolls trough the colorful site, they are greeted by the rest of Auburn’s empathic staff on each successive level. We chose to highlight the team to demonstrate what the practice’s focus is – people.

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